The Connect Dallas

Cookout Location

Don’t miss out on the dopest cookout of the year! The Connect is celebrating Memorial Day by linking up and cooking out. More details to follow.



What is the attire?

Dress Comfortably and light. It's going to be REALLY hot, plus we think you should avoid HEELS and your FAVORITE J's. We will be in a park y'all.

Do we need to bring anything?

The cookout is BYOB. When you arrive please place your bottle in an open cooler.

When will the food be ready? Will there be food when I get there? Will there be vegetarian options?

Food will be ready around 2:30pm and available as long as it lasts. If you get there before 6pm you should be fine. There will be plenty of options for vegetarians to eat.

Where do we park?

You can park anywhere around the park, just please make sure to watch the signs and don't block any driveways.

Will we be out in the Sun?

Yes, lol the Sun will be out but there's plenty of shade and there will be TONS of water.

Will we have places to sit?

There will be seating but please feel free to bring any extra chairs and blankets if you would like.

Do we need to register for the Spades Tournament or Kickball Game?

No. Just sign up once you arrive.

Can we still purchase tickets?

Yes. But you HAVE to purchase online. email or text us at 214.702.3630 if you have any questions!