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Unspokn Konversation

Unspokn Konversation

Unspokn Konversation, is a podcast that stands by real topics from real people. Consisting of four friends residing in Dallas,TX, this show is one that leans on topics not only of the culture but also sheds light on correspondence amongst men and women that we tend to think about but rarely discuss. This platform is looks to be not only be a voice of adulthood but also portrait into the mind of men and women alike. So pull up, plug in, and walk with us!


Our show is released weekly, every Monday.


Meet The Hosts

Antoine Da Source

Originally from Houston, TX who now resides in Dallas, TX. Da Source, as he is called, is the measured one in the group who loves to push the envelope on discussion but is rarely the loudest in the room


West Texas born, Dallas raised. DBoi is the unpredictable piece of the puzzle that never holds his tongue and is affectionately known as the Charming Asshole.


A free mind and independent thinker from Forrest City, Arkansas. Laid back in his approach, but effective in his stating his case.


A native Pine Bluff, Arkansas “Tha AR” currently living in the DFW metroplex. Knowledge believes that some Unspokn Konversations need to be heard and is quick off the hip with one of one point of view

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